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Akbar Khan delighted with FCCT being charged

If anyone needs any more proof about how dangerous Mr Akbar Khan is they need look no further than the comments he left on his best friend, Thai police Lt. Col. Watanasak Mungkijkarndee's, Facebook page.

Akbar Khan: "Dr Luksna is on Channel 5,7,9,11, Nation Channel and ASTV today, looks like the Thai media is not happy with the FCCT and their cheap tricks."

These are in-line with comments Mr Khan is suspected of having crafted to accompany the YouTube video posting of the news report of the lese majeste complaint being filed against the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT) by a person believed to have been at the very least encouraged by either Mr Khan or Police Lt. Col. Watanasak Mungkijkarndee, under the alias of cyberak.

This You Tube member purports to also be the Phyakrut News Service - Bangkok Thailand, an organization Mr Khan alternates between being and employee of, or the proprietor of, depending on his intended purpose.

The YouTube profile for the user cyberak, which also claims to be the Phyakrut News Service - Bangkok Thailand, states:

"Thailand's Transparent Political News Agency - unlike many "cut and paste" news directors on Youtube here you are only delivered transparent, raw, uncut videos of news, happenings exposes and more in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Phuket, Pattini, Korat, Nong Khai and Chaing Mai, Thailand.

This news agency has a bias and duty towards what is ethically correct. There can be no compromise between good and evil.

Thai traitors and Thais spewing lese majeste at the FCCT are amongst the demons revealed....."

The YouTube then goes from being a company description to being a personal description, describing the account holder as an "Investigative Journalist" originating from "London", living in "Thailand" and having some unstated involvement with the "Phuket Gazette (Chief Reporter)".

The video was accompanied with the following comments from user cyberak, in English and a presumably identical translation in Thai:

cyberak: "Thai channels have finally decided to stand up to the FCCT after the Royal Thai Police agreed that charges should be filed for Lese Majeste.

Congratulations to The Nation which so far has the most comprehensive coverage and analysis of the event, Channel 7 and Channel 9 provided fair coverage but suprisingly not much has been seen from ASTV.

Both Thai media and government authorities were disgusted to find that the FCCT had been up to all sorts of illicit activities including selling Lese Majeste DVDs as a business run by the board of 12 foreigners and a Thai Karuma Buakunsri."

"The FCCT also unfairly terminated memberships and tried to discredit honest journalists with their pathetic encrypted childish stories in their Dateline magazine. Many foreigners around Bangkok report that this cliquey game are absolutely disgusting and abuse their directorship positions making it a gaudy club of NGOs and losers.

The FCCT was once a great club but with the infiltration of dubious journos hiding behind big brand media companies and the influence of lobby groups there has been bouts of Lese Majeste productions and a mass exodus of honest journalists who do not wish to be associated with this now second rate gang of troublemakers who seem only to keen to create trouble for Thailand and other innocent law-abiding journalists while they try to get their tongues in Thaksin's choco orifice.

Lese Majeste events held include Jakrapob's infamous speech followed by Coup Crown and Capital and of course the more recent Veera and Nattawut attacks which attracted more lese majeste charges.

Observers expert to see more charges filed against other members of the FCCT conspiracy and The Ministry of Justice has stated that these cases, unlike Jakrapob's which was instigated in the Thaksin era, will be fast-tracked to ensure that culprits do not escape over borders and are jailed for their treason and treachery after arranging smoke and mirror events riddled with communist propaganda.

For a person who purports to be a professional journalist - and a former "chief reporter" – Mr Khan appears to be in need of a copy editor and a lawyer himself.

Either that, or no doubt he has proof of the illegal acts he accuses the FCCT board of having carried out – failing which he might find the defamation laws of Thailand – which have very broad and sweeping definitions – can have penalties just as severe as the lese majeste penalties, but without the option of a Royal Pardon.

It will be interesting to see then how grateful and helpful his police friends will be if that situation was to arise.

See Mr Khan interview Jakropop Penkair at the FCCT in a clip titled Thaksin SOME Loyalty, posted by the YouTube user cyberak on September 2, 2007 below:

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